How do innovation systems work and what is the impact of technology on peop- le? The Innovation Systems Depart- ment is searching for answers.


The Innovation Systems Department focuses on innovation research concerning the grand challenges of the future, such as resource scarcity, increasing complexity of social and natural systems or globalisation. The De- partment addresses current and future challenges for re- search and innovation systems and the associated requirements for research, technology and innovation poli- cy, thus helping decision-makers to develop future-proof RTI policies.

Another focus is on the development of eco- nomically attractive, socially compatible and eco-sensitive technologies and infrastructu- res. New approaches to user experience and innovative design of the human-machine in- terface (interface innovation) have become a key factor of success in the creation and ac- ceptance of innovative technologies. The De- partment therefore follows an experience- centred development and innovation pro- cess, using cutting-edge tools and methods to support the development of sophisticated technologies in various contexts.