The Department’s research aims to enhance our quality of life through innovative solutions in the fields of health and environment.


The Health & Environment Department has core expertise in nano and sensor technologies, system integration, mole- cular biological omics technologies, modelling and simula- tion, and addresses customers in the health care, environ- mental and agricultural sectors. Our researchers solve challenges associated with demographic change, resource scarcity and environmental pollution backed by longstan- ding experience and excellent research infrastructure.

Healthy aging

We develop inventions and solutions that enable early di- sease detection and support healthy and active aging. This is made possible through ambient assisted living technolo- gies, molecular diagnostics and imaging, innovative im- plants and prostheses, contactless radio technology and cardiovascular research.

Natural resources and the environment

The Health & Environment Department is committed to the sustainable and innovative management and use of biologi- cal resources. Our research focuses on water and soil re- mediation, promoting plant growth using specific microor- ganisms, efficient production processes for green chemi- cals and early detection of natural hazards.