logies are increasingly coming from Austria; the country has become a global player for many aspects of image processing and visua- lisation. In cooperation with a range of inter- national partners from science and industry, AIT has developed technologies which are al- ready being used throughout the world, for example, in the fields of banknote inspection or driverless trams.

This year the state-of-the-art technologies developed by Austrian research companies for organisations operating worldwide were pre- sented for the first time in Vienna in April: AIT organised the technology exhibition titled ‘Seeing and understanding, images aid decisi- on-making’ together with the VRVis Centre for Virtual Reality and Visualisation and in coope- ration with the Tech Gate Vienna science and technology park. More than 200 visitors from business and industry, research and the pu- blic sector came to see the innovative soluti- ons developed for companies like Bombardier Transportation Austria GmbH, eMedia Monitor GmbH, Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen GmbH or TITAN electronic GmbH. Presentations by experts and a discussion with a panel of high- ranking specialists rounded off the event.

“Here in Vienna we cover the entire innovati- on value chain, from creativity right through to industrial implementation. This makes Vi- enna an attractive location,” stresses Helmut Leopold, Head of the Digital Safety & Security Department at AIT. The results of this close cooperation between research, development and industry could be explored ‘live’ at the technology exhibition.


At the exhibition Bombardier, the leading ma- nufacturer of rail vehicles, demonstrated the world’s first 3D driver assistance system for trams. AIT has worked closely with Bombar- dier over several years to extend this award- winning 3D vision technology for use in trams. “We finally found the expertise we’ve been looking for all over the world here at AIT,” explains Dr. Michael Fischer, Head of Engineering for Trams and Light Rail Vehicles at Bombardier Transportation.

The experts in AIT’s Digital Safety & Security Department have developed special algorith- ms for analysing stereo images to enable the system to accurately assess potential dan-


Head of AIT Digital Safety & Security Department

The exhibition has allowed us to demonstrate the huge importance of image processing and visualisati- on technologies in a very practical manner, and par- ticularly to underscore Austria’s leading interna- tional role in this field.

The exhibition Seeing and understanding, images aid decision-making attracted over 200 visitors. Bombardier presented the world’s first 3D driver assistance system for trams.