Detail view of the world’s fastest linescan sensor (xposure).


The Digital Safety & Security Department is making a signi- ficant contribution to ensuring the safety, security and relia- bility of critical infrastructures in the area of public adminis- tration (eHealth, eGovernment, eEnvironment), telecommu- nications, power supply and transportation. The research activities are aimed at protecting information and preventing any potential violation through unauthorised access to or al- teration of personal data. The research focus of the Depart- ment is driven by four major trends in ICT:

• the growing complexity of ICT systems,

• increasing networking possibilities such as machine-to machine (M2M) communications, the Internet of Things, vir- tual infrastructures, etc.,

• industry trends towards open network architectures such as standard protocols, third-party interfaces, etc., and

• a growing dependence of all applications on ICT infra- structure, e.g. in the fields of smart grids, smart cities, eMo- bility (car2X), eGovernment, eEnvironment, eHealth, etc.

These developments are increasing dependence on techni- cal systems and potential risks. The Department’s activities are therefore aimed at achieving higher security and availa- bility levels for critical national infrastructures through the use of cutting edge ICT technologies, tools and methods.