City of Vienna’s Director of Urban Planning

Vienna is regarded as an international pioneer in smart city solutions. What has been achieved to date, and what remains to be done?

Outstanding quality of life, excellent infra- structure, a high level of resource efficiency, and a focus on innovation: these are the fac- tors which have long defined Vienna as a suc- cessful ‘smart city’. Many international ran- kings also substantiate this claim.

The City of Vienna has drawn up its own plan for dealing with future global challenges in- cluding climate change, increasing urbanisa- tion and energy scarcity. In 2014 its plan was officially approved by the city council as the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy. This holistic concept of an intelligent city centres

on quality of life, which is to be guaranteed over the long term through innovation and maximum resource efficiency. Social inclusi- on is also a key consideration. The process of transformation into a smart city is being dri- ven forward by sectoral strategies in the rele- vant areas, and by flagship projects which contribute to implementing the goals set out in the framework strategy.

What role does research, and AIT, play in this transformation process?

In addition to stakeholders in administration, municipal companies and business, it’s rese- arch companies in particular that drive for- ward new ideas and constantly provide new stimuli for their implementation. The AIT En- ergy Department is one of the City of Vienna’s

most important partners, thanks to its many years of experience in energy supply and opti- misation. As chairwoman of the expert advi- sory board for the Smart City Wien Frame- work Strategy, Brigitte Bach brings AIT ex- pertise to energy issues and research topics.

The expert advisory board is tasked with pro- viding specialist advice to the steering group, and formulating recommendations on achie- ving the smart city goals. We have already collaborated successfully with AIT within the framework of the EU’s Transform and Trans- form+ projects, and we are currently working jointly on the Smarter Together project. AIT is involved in numerous international projects and is a key partner to the City of Vienna in the Smart City Wien process.