Around 30% of car accidents are caused by driver distraction. Just two seconds of not paying proper attention can be fatal. In 2014 alone, 60 people died in such accidents. “Entertain- ment and information systems are a particular source of distraction,” explains Manfred Tscheligi, a Technology Experi- ence expert at AIT. ‘Distraction Reduction by Design’ aims to reduce distraction through concrete interface design measu- res. Initial investigations in the lab provide the basis for the development of concrete recommendations for safe systems. It is important to develop testing methods (such as eye- tracking and measurement of brain signals) which record distraction in a standardised way. Together with partners, AIT is tackling this challenge as part of the ITS Austria national platform, a network for the sustainable design of Austrian mobility systems. “Only by pooling our expertise can we achieve our goal of halving the number of road fatalities by 2020,” said Federal Minister Alois Stöger at the introductory workshop on the issue of distraction in May.


Head of Business Unit Technology Experience

Two seconds of distraction can prove fatal when driving.

Entertainment and infor- mation systems are a par- ticular source of distrac- tion.